In a circular economy, one person’s waste is another’s resource! Tourism professionals, does your policy include a repair, reuse and finally recycling phase for your products and raw materials? If so, you are taking part in what’s called a circular economy!

Publication date : 09/08/2021

What is a circular economy?

It is based on the production of goods and services in a sustainable manner, by limiting the consumption and waste of resources, as well as the production of waste. Overall, it aims to transform the throwaway society, which is based on a linear economic model (extract, produce, consume, dispose) as opposed to a circular one. As such, this requires the creation of new design, production and consumption methods, extending the useful life of products and encouraging use rather than possession of goods, reuse and recycling.

The ONLYLYON Tourist Office and Convention Bureau invites you to discover some great initiatives in Lyon.

Find solutions that are adapted to your business:

Unisoap: This solution allows professionals in the accommodation industry to give a second life to their used soap bars! Actively contributing to the circular economy, the association recovers these soap bars, transforms them, and finally redistributes them to charities. 

Interested in Unisoap? Find more information on the dedicated article.

Composting: did you know that food waste and organic waste represent nearly 30% of our rubbish, the majority of which is either incinerated or buried? Numerous solutions are offered to Lyon’s professionals: les Alchimistes and OuiCompost transform your organic waste into compost in order to enrich the soil or to sell it to those who need it!

Want to know more?

Anti-waste solutions: a large number of professionals in the food industry are looking for ways to reduce their waste production and give a second life to unsold food products. In order to help, ONLYLYON Tourisme provides a list of organisations with which you too could collaborate. 

Have a look at the article dedicated to anti-waste solutions.

Zéro Déchet Lyon (Zero waste Lyon) is an association that aspires to a waste-free society. By becoming a member, Zéro Déchet Lyon informs and guides you in the management of your waste and helps you reduce it. The association also orients you towards circular economy solutions, to play your part against landfill and excessive incineration!

For more information on Zéro Déchet Lyon.

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