Created in early 2022, the Responsible Tourism team now coordinates the strategy for responsible tourism in Lyon and the surrounding region. It involves commitments made by the destination, the Tourist Office and its 80 employees, to raise awareness of important CSR issues among our stakeholders. 

In 2023, the Tourist Office met the stringent standards set by AFNOR to achieve the ‘Engagé RSE’ quality label and join the group of 400 certified French companies.  

Key steps in the process:  

  • The EcoRSE Collective: creation of a CSR group formed of 12 volunteer employees from various departments;
  • Analysis of practices, identification of solutions and feasible actions, and setting of priority CSR aims to be met;
  • Co-construction of a 3-year commitment plan with the Collective and the Executive Committee;

The AFNOR audit, conducted in January 2023, led to the certification of our approach, and identification of positive points and areas for improvement in our policy and commitment plan. We have adopted a continuous improvement approach with follow-up of the certification every 18 months. 


This certification marks your entrance into the community of organisations committed to CSR, alongside 400 French and international companies.
This is the beginning of an exciting adventure for you, built on listening between peers, exchanges of good practices, monitoring, news and networking, to help you improve your CSR approach and constantly extend its reach.
Given your positioning, beyond raising your profile in France, you will also benefit from recognition Responsibility Europe at European and international level, along with 1000 companies engaged in feasible and resilient approaches.” 

For further information: ISO2600 and Label Engagé RSE