Les Alchimistes

Les Alchimistes is a team of two entrepreneurs from Lyon who joined forces in 2018 to offer a new service, the only one of its kind in the city of Lyon: the collection of restaurant organic waste and its composting in a five-kilometre radius. Today, they also provide their service for professional events and to various professionals such as hoteliers.

Their regular collections are carried out by bicycle or truck, according to your needs, and your waste bin is replaced every time by a clean and disinfected one. The collected waste is then composted near the city in order to limit transport pollution and is used to enrich the soil and contribute to the city’s revegetation. 

In line with the company’s social conviction, they work alongside EmerJean, a company from Villeurbane, in order to favour the employment of individuals that are far from the job market. Rates for professionals are calculated according to weight: the less you produce, the less you pay!

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OuiCompost is a major player in Lyon’s compost sector. Founded in Lyon in 2019, they collect compostable waste from restaurants, caterers and event sites.

While collections are currently only carried out with electric delivery tricycles, OuiCompost will be able to collect larger volumes on the outskirts of Lyon in the coming month thanks to electric vehicles.

Their Confluence site can compost up to 100 tonnes of organic waste per year! You can also purchase compost produced in Lyon from their site. This compost is made from the food waste of professionals and transformed in the city!

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Did you know that since 2012, professionals with an annual biowaste production exceeding 10 tonnes are required to recover their waste? By 2025, this regulation will be extended to all professionals and individuals.