What does it consist of? 

The label, which is free yet demanding, promotes entrepreneurs, retailers, artisans and associations that address the challenges of the environmental and social transition through responsible consumption.

The “Lyon Ville Equitable et Durable” (Lyon, Fair and Sustainable City) label is also a network of professionals working towards a more responsible society. Those that have been granted the label benefit from exchanges of best practices in order to further develop their commitment, drawing inspiration from one another’s ideas.

As for the Labelling Committee, it monitors quality, allowing you to identify your organisation’s strengths and areas to develop, with a view to continuous improvement.

Interested by the ‘‘Lyon, Fair and Sustainable City” label?

Do you sell goods or services to residents of Lyon, visitors or companies? If your organisation is committed to responsible consumption, we have some good news – you may qualify for the label!

Since 2010, more than 240 organisations have already been labelled, so why not have yours labelled as well?

The following criteria are required to become a part of this committed network:

  • Environmental management, by preserving resources and monitoring energy.
  • Social management, by developing your company’s human capital.
  • Responsible purchasing and consumption, by favouring products and services with high social and environmental value, and by limiting your consumption.
  • Societal commitment, by promoting Sustainable Development and the Social and Solidarity Economy through the support of local initiatives and by making products and services accessible to as many people as possible.
  • Innovation, by taking into account the social and environmental impact. 

Labels are granted for three calendar years, as part of annual labelling campaigns.

Take the step, and start preparing your application for the 2022/2024 label