Greater Lyon is delighted to announce a 34-point increase in its score in comparison with 2020, bringing it to 80%. This excellent performance was noticed by the GDS-Index committee, which awarded Lyon the trophy for the best progress in the ranking in 2021  ("Most improved Award 2021").

The record progress achieved by Lyon to become France’s second biggest city for tourism and European Capital of Smart Tourism in 2019, positions our city as the top French destination, and among the global leaders that have adopted a strategy combined with concrete actions to pursue more responsible tourism.

This outstanding result is the fruit of Greater Lyon and ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions’ commitment to sustainable tourism in recent years. It is also the fruit of collaborative work with socio-professionals in Lyon, which played a major role in attending the many consultations and working groups conducted since 2020, which are essential to devise the destination’s strategy.

For Lyon, participating in the GDS-Index is an opportunity to highlight its initiatives and demonstrate the transition of its tourism professions and activities through tangible evidence

More than a score, this ranking makes the actions carried out by Greater Lyon and ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions part of a virtuous approach to making tourism more responsible over the long term: tourism that serves the interests of the environment, socio-professional actors, tourists and locals.

Further information on sustainable tourism in Lyon