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Launch of the website

A single portal to book all guided tours in Lyon

With, ONLYLYON Tourism has confirmed its tourism product promotion strategy by developing a specific website for guided tours of the city. Since the 12th of July, it is now extremely easy for visitors planning a trip to Lyon, or locals who want to (re)discover their city, to book a guided tour and explore the various facets of Lyon. The new website has been designed to be simpler, more intuitive and provide enhanced performance.

A dedicated website for guided tours of Lyon

Since the 12th of July, it has been possible to book ONLYLYON Tourism guided tours on the new website A wide range of 28 tours led by 30 guides, available in French and English, will form the basis of this online catalogue. offers Internet users a much simpler and more intuitive booking experience, thanks in particular to its highly ergonomic design. It is now possible for users to perform searches by date as soon as they enter the homepage. All guided tours available on the selected date are then displayed. Users can then choose a tour and book it online. If certain guided tours are not available on a selected date, the website offers users two alternatives: either a date on which the guided tour they want is available, or other guided tours available on the selected date. Users can therefore change their plans or try a different kind of guided tour.

User expectations at the core of

There are many e-commerce websites for hotels and restaurants, however, there are not so many for leisure and tourism activities. This website has been designed by ONLYLYON Tourism's teams to make booking easier and respond to the expectations of Internet users in terms of the simplicity, fluidity and efficiency of the leisure purchasing process. This efficiency has previously been successful, as demonstrated by the excellent results of the first website dedicated to the Lyon City Card launched in 2014. As highlighted by François Gaillard, General Manager of ONLYLYON Tourism: “In 2015, this website produced an 85% increase in visitor numbers, bringing the total figure up to nearly 200,000 visitors.”

Further boosting leisure travel to Lyon

With this new showcase, ONLYLYON Tourism hopes to continue to boost leisure travel to the destination that is Lyon. The website is one of the many actions performed by the teams in recent years aimed at making Lyon an essential European destination for short breaks. The success of this strategy is demonstrated in particular by the high hotel occupancy rates observed in Lyon on weekends. Between 2010 and 2015, these rates have increased by 5.3 points. – an upgradeable website

At the beginning of next year, an additional module will enable Internet users to book other activities that allow them to explore the city, in addition to guided tours. Visitors will be able to choose from a river cruise, a double-decker bus tour or a tour of Lyon on Segway. It will also be possible to book outings in the Beaujolais region. 

Key figures for ONLYLYON Tourism guided tours:

  • 28 different tours
  • 2 languages available
  • 30 tour guides
  • 119 000 guided tours in 2015 (individual + group tours)

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